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WHAT WE OFFERThe Virtual Inquiry Assistant
MAGGIE. SOC2 Type 2 Certified.

A Conversational Ai Product to help your customers and employees access information quickly

MAGGIE: The Virtual
Inquiry Assistant

The Virtual Inquiry Assistant aggregates your knowledge archive to answer a broad range of questions across multiple products, processes and platforms for both external and internal users. MAGGIE can be deployed as a FAQ tool for website visitors whilst also connecting to other messaging interfaces. MAGGIE can be integrated into any sales or service customer journey and also used to interrogate large, unstructured data sets.


Flamingo Ai offers true Unsupervised Machine Learning and Ai capabilities.

Power Your Customer Conversations

Improve Customer & Employee Satisfaction
Provide customers and employees an assistant to guide them to the knowledge that is best suited for them. Have the machine augment the work employees do so that they can be more efficient and effective.
Improve Response Times - Scalable & Secure, Available 24/7
MAGGIE works 24/7 and can scale to handle large volumes of inquiries. Highly Secure - cloud agnostic, hosted how & where you need it - SOC2 Type 2 certified & PCI compliant.
Optimize workforce efficiency & reduce costs to service
Free up employees to do higher order work and drive efficiencies into the service channels.

Your Competitive Edge With Ai.

MAGGIE can be used by customers and employees for a wide range of purposes, from simple FAQ requests to finding fast answers from large, complex data sources.

  • Replace your FAQs with conversational Ai
  • Manage large, complex data sources
  • White labelled & customized to your branding
  • Easy non-technical implementation anywhere, online
  • Real time analytics, insights & intelligence direct from customer interactions, allowing you to learn from our Ai Brain
  • Secure and compliant. All answers are pre-approved & auditable

The MAGGIE Process

Quick to set up. Can go live from day 1 in live training mode.
Seed the MAGGIE Brain with initial data and the Brain learns from real -time conversations to quickly become a subject matter expert. MAGGIE can understand the intent of different phrasing very accurately provides the right response.
MAGGIE can be operated in either fully automatic or Human Assistant modes allowing operators to join conversations in real time and provide assistance. This trains the Ai Brain for future similar interactions.
Real time analytics, insights and intelligence direct from customer interactions, allows your organization to learn from our Ai Brain and apply this knowledge for multiple purposes.
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