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FLAMINGO Ai FOR Technologists

Fast to deploy. Easy to manage. Highly configurable. SOC2 Type 2 Certified.

At Flamingo Ai, we stand out globally because our Ai platform is easy to integrate, highly secure and scalable. We collaborate closely with technical teams and share our knowledge to ensure deployments produce the most effective technical and commercial outcomes. Flamingo Ai offers true unsupervised machine learning and Ai capabilities.

The Technical Benefits

Easy to Deploy
Typically deploys in just 2-8 weeks. Easy to configure with a rich tool box of customizable elements.
Always Learning
Unique machine learning technology learns quickly from every interaction, only requiring small data sets.
Easy To Integrate
Integrate with your CRM, quotation, application, payment, contact centers and other systems using a range of APIs.
Full Dashboard
Conduct conversational analysis and export data to other BI tools to generate actionable intelligence.
Platform Agnostic
Can be deployed to virtually any cloud provider or on premise stack in any specified jurisdiction.
Easy To Manage
Self-learning and pre-built, negating the need for time intensive data science.
Highly Secure
Highly secure, SOC2 Type 2 certified, PCI compliant.
White Box Ai
Can be easily inspected, audited and controlled. All answers are pre-approved and compliant.

The Flamingo Ai Brain

At Flamingo Ai, we have developed our own unique machine learning brain which uses true natural language processing (NLP) in an unsupervised machine learning environment. The Flamingo Ai Brain starts learning immediately and quickly becomes an expert in conversational responses. It deploys into any sales or service journey to bring commercial value by guiding your customers to their best outcome. The Flamingo Ai brain can also ingest and analyze terabytes of your unstructured data to discover hidden insights, and unlock new commercial opportunities.


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Unsupervised Learning

Machine Learning proponents often discuss Supervised Learning as the first generation of Ai. This form of Ai is slow to learn and deploy and requires vast quantities of data, coding and tagging in order to function. These solutions are usually black-box Ai which means they are often difficult to control and not easily interpretable by humans.


Flamingo Ai offers the next generation of Ai known as Unsupervised Machine Learning with Reinforcement Learning. Unsupervised Learning refers to Machine Learning of test data which is unstructured and uncategorized. Instead of responding to operator feedback, unsupervised learning identifies commonalities in the data and reacts based on the presence or absence of such commonalities. Unsupervised Machine Learning learns quickly and continuously from each customer interaction it observes and takes part in. Unsupervised Learning does not require upfront hypothetical customer intent development; the machine discovers significant patterns in the data by itself. Reinforcement Learning means machines are designed to learn from experience, with desirable behaviors recognized and undesirable behaviors de-prioritized. These behaviors may be taught in advance but don’t need to be. Rather, they are observed through ongoing customer interactions.


Unsupervised Learning does not mean uncontrollable. The Flamingo Ai platform is completely inspectable and auditable, making it ideal for managing risk and security internally.

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The Metrics

Commercial Metrics

The Flamingo Ai products are designed to bring real commercial value by enhancing the customer & employee experience:

  • Improve sales conversion
  • Improve customer product selection
  • Increase sales & service efficiency
  • Optimize workforce efficiency through scale
  • Improve customer & employee experience
  • Improve legal & regulatory compliance

Insights & Knowledge Engine

Real time data from customer interactions replaces market research with deep insight into:

  • Customer behavior
  • Product improvement
  • Pricing optimization
  • Process improvement
  • Marketing precision & optimization
  • Previously unknown insights
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