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WORLD'S FIRST OUT OF THE BOXVirtual Inquiry Assistant
MAGGIE for Auto Insurance. SOC2 Type 2 Certified.

A Conversational Ai platform to help your customers and employees access Auto Insurance information quickly.

MAGGIE for Auto Insurance

MAGGIE for Auto Insurance, the World’s First out of the box Cognitive Virtual Inquiry Assistant that assists customers with inquires related to Auto Insurance.


Pre-seeded with Auto Insurance knowledge and natural language text-based conversations and close to 1200+ Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions and paraphrases (FAQs), MAGGIE for Auto Insurance can be deployed within days and easily configured to an organization’s specific product and processes, without the need for technologists.


Flamingo Ai’s unique Machine Learning algorithms mean MAGGIE learns very quickly from every interaction and can be set up in a matter of days. MAGGIE also provides analytics and deep insight into customer experience and behavior.

MAGGIE for Auto Insurance can be used in three ways:

MAGGIE Inquiry Assistant
Engaging website customers answering their questions and guiding customers to start a quote, make a claim or other action
MAGGIE for Knowledge
Providing employees easy access to auto-insurance knowledge in order to service customers quickly and accurately without the need for a Subject Matter Expert
MAGGIE Form Assistant
Appearing at various points on a webform, when a customer needs to ask questions to reduce the likelihood that they will abandon and to improve conversion rates

Power Your Customer Conversations

Improved customer and employee experience
Provide customers and employees a Virtual Assistant to give them answers to the questions they have. MAGGIE can augment the work employees do so that they can be more efficient and effective.
Improved efficiency
Free up employees to do higher order work and improve efficiencies in sales and service.
Customer service available 24/7
MAGGIE works 24/7 and can scale to handle large volumes of inquiries. Highly Secure - cloud agnostic, SOC2 Type 2 certified & PCI compliant.

Your Competitive Edge With Ai.

MAGGIE for Auto Insurance can be used by customers and employees for a range of purposes, from handling general or Frequently Asked Questions in natural language and providing accurate and compliant answers to answering specific questions customers might have as they complete a web-form just as if they were speaking with a live agent over the phone.

  • Replace your FAQs with conversational Ai
  • Acts as your Subject Matter Expert for Auto Insurance
  • Out of the Box, white labelled and customized to your branding
  • Easy non-technical implementation
  • Real time analytics, insights & intelligence
  • Secure and compliant. All answers are pre-approved and auditable
MAGGIE for Auto Insurance
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