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FLAMINGO Ai FOR Business Leaders

Supercharge your business with Ai

Ai is changing the way that businesses operate across every process and customer interaction. It has the potential to transform how your employees and customers engage, as well as entire operating models. Flamingo offers you true Unsupervised Machine Learning and Ai capabilities to partner with you and transform your enterprise.

The Power of Flamingo Ai

  • Increase Sales Conversion
    Flamingo Ai helps you decrease customer drop off rates and increase sales conversions.
  • Improve Customer Service
    Deliver quicker and more consistent levels of customer service using Cognitive Virtual Assistants. Reduce cost to serve in an infinitely scalable way 24/7.
  • Fully Automated / Human Assisted
    Operates in fully automated or human assisted modes, allowing operators to join conversations in real time and provide assistance, and training the Ai Brain for similar interactions in the future.
  • Real Time Analytics & Insights
    Real time analytics, insights and intelligence direct from customer interactions, allows your organization to learn from our Ai Brain and apply this knowledge for multiple outcomes.
  • Unsupervised White Box Ai
    Powerful unsupervised and reinforcement learning populates the Ai Brain learning quickly with every interaction. Fully inspectable and modifiable decision making; means, all answers are pre-approved reducing any risk of non-compliance.
  • Secure & Compliant
    Highly secure, cloud agnostic, hosted how and where you need it. SOC 2 Type 2 Certified, PCI compliant. Data jurisdiction control.
  • Easy To Deploy & Manage
    Deployable in 2-8 weeks and easily managed by business employees who are not data scientists. Configurable branding, rich tool box of elements and easy API integration.

The Metrics

Commercial Metrics

The Flamingo Ai products are designed to bring real commercial value by enhancing the customer & employee experience:

  • Improve sales conversion
  • Improve customer product selection
  • Increase sales & service efficiency
  • Optimize workforce efficiency through scale
  • Improve customer & employee experience
  • Improve legal & regulatory compliance

Ai as an Asset

Deploying the Flamingo Ai brain unlocks a new sphere of commercial value:

  • A brain learns your product and process and becomes your asset
  • Multiple deployments of brains aggregate into a mega-brain providing transformative power

Insights & Knowledge Engine

Real time data from customer interactions replaces market research with deep insight into:

  • Customer behavior
  • Product improvement
  • Pricing optimization
  • Process improvement
  • Marketing precision & optimization
  • Previously unknown insights
Your conversational Ai partner

We stand out globally because we provide unique Unsupervised Machine Learning and deep industry expertise. We are your Ai partner.

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