How It Works

1. Invite customers to a journey to buy your product

Customers are invited to participate in a journey through a simple link.

The journey is a guided experience which allows the customer to co-design, within your parameters, the product and relationship to suit their individual needs.

This experience can be assisted by your employee or fully automated (or anywhere in between).

2. Quote

The customer joins a journey with one of your employees (or one of our automated assistants).

Flamingo uses human-centered design principles to concierge the customer through their options to co-design the product to meet individual needs.

Customers can live chat with your employee as an integrated part of the experience.

3. Purchase

After completing the quotation together, the employee will guide the customer to make a payment.

After payment is made the employee acknowledges and congratulates the customer.

Our clients call this the fireworks moment!

4. Automation

With each completed journey, Flamingo intelligently learns more about how your customers and employees interact.

Every question asked and answered, every keystroke and chat message is analyzed by our advanced data-mining algorithms.

This allows Flamingo to automate your journey, so employees are required less or even not at all.

5. Analytics

Flamingo provides dashboards and real-time analytics related to individual and aggregated customer experiences.

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Product and experience configurations
  • Customer behavior insights
  • New market discovery
  • Performance and effectiveness of interactions
  • Customer insights & engagement scores e.g., NPS


Assisted or automated

Journeys can be fully assisted by your
employee, or fully automated, or a
combination of both

Continue journeys
where customers left off

If a journey gets interrupted, it can be
easily continued from where it was left
off at a later time


Journeys can be completed by
customers on their
mobile devices


Increase conversion
by up to 30%

Take customers through
predefined sales journeys to lift
conversion rates

Increase acquisition

Flamingo matches the efficiency of
webforms with the engagement of
phone sales

Reduce customer

Customers collaborate to get the
experience they want, so they're less
likely to churn

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